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We are so busy running around and looking forward

to the next milestone or vacation, we miss the

simplest, most beautiful things

in our daily life.

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capturing the precious

 beauty of everyday.

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hello friend,

I am Susanna Nordvall, the lifestyle photographer behind Nord Stories, and I want to help you appreciate the beauty in everyday moments.

Think about it. You always take photos of the milestones in your life, the birthdays, graduations, the vacations, but really it’s the everyday moments you’re gonna miss most when they end.


Remember the hours spent in the kitchen with your mom when you were little, or how you used to lay on the floor listening to music in your first own home. How you sipped coffee in the morning with your partner, reading the news and holding hands or how you make up crazy games with your kids on rainy days.

The blanket forts, the cuddles, the quiet moments spent together. All of it is worth capturing.

I want you to see that your everyday life has an incredible amount of beauty. No need to dress up for a portrait and fake your smiles. Your everyday is much more valuable than a posed image like that could ever be.

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"... Not only are the photos beyond amazing, but Susanna has also captured our family in the most beautiful, unscripted and authentic way. We will treasure these pictures forever.”

Laura & her family


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behind nord stories

Some years back, I was travelling with my family for our annual road trip through the Czech Republic. My father and his wife, my brothers and our little family of three. Stella, our daughter was just a year and a half back then.


On the last evening of this trip, I shared some quiet time with my daughter that would turn out to be a moment that changed the way I approach photography forever.

My dad took a few photos of this moment, and now they are some of the most precious images anybody has ever taken of me.

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Let's capture your story

I'd love to shoot a day or a moment in your life! Each shoot is personalized, as everyone has their own story and style. Let's grab a cup of tea or coffee, hop on a video call and see how I can capture the most precious memories for you.

Check out my shoot options and pricing here.


I sincerely can't wait to hear from you and start planning together! 

Get in touch to talk about how we can capture your story!


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and be one of the first to know about all the new and exciting things that are coming up!

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