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Our real life happens between the milestones and vacations. I want you to see the beauty and value in those fleeting moments of your everyday life.

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film & digital photographer

I am Susanna Nordvall, a lifestyle photographer based in Finland, in the north of Europe.

I'm here to help you find all the beauty in your life that is worth capturing in photographs you'll treasure forever. There are so many moments of my life I look back at and wonder why there aren't any photos of them. My fondest memories are of everyday life that nobody ever felt was worth capturing. I want to change that for you. I want you to sit down with your grandkids one day and be able to show them albums filled with photos of your real life.

I've always struggled with not liking myself in photos. I saw an image of myself, and it never reflected what I saw when I looked into the mirror. When I started my journey in photography, I wanted to be the connection between the mirror and the camera. Making people feel their most beautiful has always been one of my main objectives in my work.

I know that we all feel our most beautiful when we're at ease. So, I'll never put you into any poses that feel awkward. Instead, I guide you gently during our shoot - letting you be exactly who you are and move in ways that feel natural to you, while I find all of the most flattering angles to make your beauty shine brightest. 


Some years back, I was travelling with my family for our annual road trip through the Czech Republic. My father and his wife, my brothers and our little family of three. Stella, our daughter was just a year and a half back then.


It was the final leg of our road trip, and we spent one night in Prague in a beautiful apartment in the centre of the old town.


At the end of this very hot day, I sat down by the window overlooking the square with Stella on my lap.


The air had started to cool down and it was slowly starting to get dark. Every ten minutes we could hear the horses on the cobblestones. Drawing tourist carriages through the street below our window. We sat there for a long time just waiting for the horses and watching them trot by again and again.


Our trip until then had been so busy. Exploring new places every day, our toddler running everywhere at all times, never taking a break. She was at that age where she hardly ever stayed still, and she certainly didn’t have time for cuddles. So, these moments spent with Stella sitting on the window sill in this gorgeous old place in Prague, felt so precious and fleeting. We hugged, kissed and talked, got excited each time the horse carriages passed by.


I wanted to soak in every moment.


My dad took a few photos of us while we sat there. And these pictures are some of the most precious photographs anybody has ever taken of me. Every time I look at them, I feel transported back to that evening and the way I was so overwhelmed with love and affection for my little daughter.

I want you to have the same kind of images. Photos that feel so real and are so full of memories of precious moments, that they bring tears to your eyes every time you look at them.




We didn't have to do any awkward poses or anything, instead, we were just enjoying the moment and each other.

“During our shoot, our favourite music was playing and we were only really concentrating on each other. So much so, that we kinda forgot that Susanna was even there as the atmosphere was so relaxed and goofy, just like it always is when we're together. When living everyday life, you often forget the two most important things: love and safety. Those two things are now captured beautifully forever by the talented Susanna, and she made it look like us. We're surely gonna treasure these moments and images for a really long time. They now hang on our walls, serving as a constant reminder of the love we have for one another ”

Pauliina & Joni

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Let's capture your everyday in the most genuinely beautiful way possible. Get in touch now to book your personalised shoot, or check out my pricing here.

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