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A Spontaneous love shoot

Brooklyn, New York

One morning on my trip to New York, I was walking around and exploring the area of DUMBO in Brooklyn. The wind was super chilly as it was the end of January, so there were barely any tourists at that hour enjoying the sights with me.

All of a sudden these two lovely gentlemen stopped me and asked if I could take their picture with their camera. Of course, I said yes!

Their chemistry was amazing and as I could quickly tell how nice they were, I gathered my courage and asked if I could actually take a few images of them with my own camera. They got so excited about the idea! Turns out that they are both professional dancers and were just visiting New York as well.

After a couple of minutes, we were saying our goodbyes since we were all freezing. Later on, I wished I could have spent more time shooting them and getting to know them a bit more. They were so at ease in front of the camera and such, such sweethearts, that a few hours later I still had a smile on my face thinking about them. 

I absolutely loved this random little encounter and I'll treasure these images forever.

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