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Saava studio

Branding shoot in Helsinki, Finland

Meri-Pauliina got the idea for Saava Studio in the fall of 2019. Together with three friends (I was one of those lucky friends!) a few inspiring days were spent in the landscape of Kuusamo in Northern Finland.

Saava Studio styling surfaces are plastic-free, rollable, and non-toxic. Every single one is a unique piece handmade with artistic vision and Meri-Pauliina is currently painting the surfaces in her home studio. She has designed Saava surfaces to be used anywhere and everywhere. 


a few words from Meri-Pauliina: 

I loved the way Susanna was able to capture the exact feeling I was hoping for my brand to

come across as. They're not just staged images, but you can clearly see the story and the doing unfold.

The details and actions already made my heart flutter, as I hadn't really seen or appreciated the beauty of it all before. Although Susanna was more documenting what's happening behind the scenes,

I still felt relaxed in front of the camera,

and I could trust her that she knew the best and flattering angles.

I honestly couldn't be happier with the end result!

Check out her work and styling surfaces by clicking here.

Design, styling & creative design:


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