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a romantic anniversary

in Tallinn, Estonia

I had been following MyLyn's vibrant and colorful photography journey for a while when I saw that she was looking for a photographer in Europe, preferably close to Tallinn to take photos of her husband Tim and her. The two were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary while being on their honeymoon in Europe.


So together with Michaela of I hopped on to a ferry and we were on our way to Tallinn for the day. Michaela had planned this beautiful, intimate couple shoot, which first started at their Airbnb with them getting ready and having a lazy morning cuddled up together. Raising four beautiful kids together, I can only imagine that they don't get that much alone time with just each other, so you can really tell how much this meant to them. 


We ended the afternoon with a stroll through the old town, eating ice-cream and just admiring the beautiful old buildings, narrow, cobblestone streets and all-around beautiful day in the town of Tallinn.


Story & creative direction: 

Film lab: Photovision 

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