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Branding shoot in Tampere, Finland

Being a successful florist and running her business from home while having her kids there, takes a lot of patience. But it also gives a lot in return, as you get to spend a lot of time with them and plan your hours accordingly. 


Erika is one of the best florists in Finland, so it was an honor to be a part of her branding shoot and really visualize her values and how she does it all.


a few words from Erika: 

I've been admiring Susanna's images for the longest time. When Michaela of asked if I'd be interested in having Susanna be the one shooting my new branding images, I immediately said yes because I knew that she'd take exactly the kind of pictures I'd want. Light and airy fine art style images that will work perfectly together with my brand. And when I heard that icing on the cake would be her shooting on film as well, I knew that we'd be the perfect match.


The actual shoot day was wonderful! I felt really important and valued and I could totally relax while being in front of the camera. The day was lovely as it all felt like I was being pampered a bit. Because I work from home and my kids are usually therewith as well, it was so nice to have them actually participate in the shoot and be in the photos. That's me and my brand's everyday life and I wanted to show all of that to my clients through these images.

Design, styling & creative design:

Film lab: Photovision

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