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sunset stroll

family shoot in Rauma

I went on a stroll with this gorgeous family just before sunset, so we'd get that magical light coming in behind the trees for their family shoot. I was just in awe the whole time as they were just so cute together. It was lovely that they also wanted to take all of their dogs with them, as a family isn't just about the people, or whether you even have kids or not.

It's about the ones you share your home with. 


The shoot happened in my old hometown of Rauma, where Essi, one of the mom's, is currently working as a talented photographer. Rauma is also a UNESCO world heritage site as Old Rauma is an outstanding example of a Nordic city constructed in wood, and acts as a witness to the history of traditional settlements in northern Europe.

That's also in the heart of where this beautiful family lives, so it was the perfect setting to end their family shoot in.

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