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elisabeth ehrnrooth

Promo shoot for a singer songwriter

"Working with Susanna was such a wonderful experience. The shoot happened on a sunny spring day in my own studio apartment in Helsinki, with my favorite music playing in the background. I remember feeling relaxed and at home in my skin.


The shoot was curated by the amazingly talented Michaela Egger. We started the process by sitting down with a cup of coffee, talking about life and what kind of pictures I was hoping for. At the end of our meeting with Michaela, we were both crying and bonding over life experiences. I feel like that discussion set the tone for the photoshoot. We both knew that I wanted images that would represent me in my current life situation, with no filters. That included almost no make-up, wearing comfy go-to clothes from my own wardrobe.


I and Susanna met for the first time on the actual day of the shoot. There was an immediate trust from my side and the atmosphere was relaxed, warm, also a bit magical. The results speak for themselves. Susanna made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera that the outcome was more beautiful than I had ever hoped for. I feel like Susanna captured the authentic and honest side of me. Something that I hadn’t seen in pictures taken of me before. I felt comfortable enough to just “be me” and that was exactly the outcome I had hoped for.


I will always remember this shoot with Susanna and Michaela. It was a moment of coming out of my own mental cave and starting to feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin again. One of my favorite pictures of that day actually ended up as the cover of my new single that came out 2019."




Story, styling & creative direction:

Film lab: Photovision

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