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"Almost two years ago we moved into our very first own home together. To us, our current home is a sanctuary, where everyone can be just the way they are. The walls hold all of our emotions and feelings, as we share all our ups and downs and tears of joy and sadness together.


We've built our home together. Not its roof nor the walls, but the heart of our home and everything that it represents to us. It means more than the painted walls or matching furniture. To know that after a long day of work, we can just come home and be ourselves and relax, instead of constantly working on chores or trying to put on this facade of what perfect home states for others. To know that you're loved even if you're having an extra bad day among all the good ones.


Our home is built with love and that was exactly why we wanted to have our couple shoot at home. For both of us, our home is the best place on earth and the images taken by Susanna exude that feeling. They exude safety, happiness, love, and warmth. Just the kind of feeling we always have at home and towards what we've been working on this whole time.


During our shoot, our favorite music was playing and we were only really concentrating on each other. So much so, that we kinda forgot that Susanna was even there as the atmosphere was so relaxed and goofy, just like it always is when we're together. We didn't have to do any awkward poses or anything, instead, we were just enjoying the moment and each other. When living in everyday life, you often forget the two most important things: love and safety. Those two things are now beautifully and forever captured so effortlessly by the talented Susanna, and she made it look like us. We're surely gonna treasure these moments and images for a really long time. As they serve us as also a constant reminder by hanging on our walls."

-Pauliina & Joni


Story & creative direction:

Film lab: Photovision 

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